get to know me


estelle visser

I believe that beauty lies in the simplicity of life and my photographs reflect this belief, capturing the raw and authentic moments that make up our everyday experiences.

I have always been the girl with the camera. Since my film point and shoot, capturing every moment around me and my friends. Evolving with each camera, going digital, getting my waterproof digital and then at last my “big girl” camera and taking photography courses. I absolutely love to learn more. Always shooting, never realizing how big my love for it actually was. After the pandemic struck the world stopped and THAT was the “aha” moment when I realized, now I can actually take this passion seriously. Take the leap!

With the love for photography by my side, and the gift of time, I actually pursued this passion and have evolved it into what Estelle Visser Photography is today.

I like to bring fun and energy and a sense of comfort to every shoot. But it’s not just about the images. It’s about the stories they tell and the emotions they evoke. I embrace and earthy and organic photography style. Capturing the real and raw moments.

we love because it is the only true adventure

some fun facts

I love a good ol’ fun fact. The best fun facts about me are that I am obsessed with my animals. You don’t need to ask me twice to show you photos of my cats and my doggo. They are THE cutest.

Another fun fact, I love Harry Potter, and yes, I do own wands and a time turner necklace.

The reading bug has bitten me again and I absolutely love a fantasy, YA fiction or YA romance book.

Series and movies are my jam. My husband and I love to watch A LOT of shows and moves together, it’s our bonding couple’s activity.

I like to make soap, yes, soap. I love to be creative and making cold process soap is such a fun outlet.

I am obsessed with travel. If I could, I would use ALL my money to travel the world. It’s the best thing to see new places and learn about other cultures. Cold places and countries are my favorite.

Lastly, I actually also design and create wedding dresses. Clearly the wedding industry is made for me. I just love, love.

I’ve got a great laugh. (feels like a brag, but I love to laugh)

my photography process

Once you’ve sent your enquiry, I like to set up a zoom call to make sure we get a good sense of each other and see if we gel good together. Remember that you do spend a significant amount of time with your photographer on your wedding day.

Once you’re happy after our meeting and the right package investment has been chosen and booked you enjoy the rest of your engagement. This is important to remember. You have to also just ENJOY your engagement.

The months leading up to your wedding we will help plan your engagement shoot and help with planning your wedding timeline, vendor suggestions if you need and help out with wedding and planning advice, since we’ve been doing this a while, I’ve got great tips.

On your wedding day I do my thing! I make sure to give you the best experience I can and I make sure to capture and document you enjoying and embracing all the moments! This will truly be the best day ever!

After you wedding day, while you take in the newly wed life, you can expect a sneak preview in your mailbox with 3-7 days. This is an awesome boost, just after the wedding and is great to share with family and friends and extend that wedding day high.

Within 8-12 weeks I will deliver the full gallery, which is always advised to make a date night out of when you watch through these for the first time. Put on your wedding song and get some wine and watch through with your love!